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Disarm your gag reflex, prepare your mouth, and go from boring to BLOWING HIM AWAY! He will be begging you for more and you will be happy to showcase your new found talents!



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The Girl's Guide to Fellatio Fun

You may be wondering how this all works. I have designed this course to be everything you need to bring out your inner seductress.

This course is available online, to watch in the privacy of your own home, when it is convenient for you. No one else is watching. It is all pre-recorded videos. And there is no nudity or salacious content. It is all the best techniques and information that I have amassed in the past 25+ years of being sexually active. 

I have created a series of short modules that will take you through the 5 key steps of Fellatio Fun! I call them The 5 P's of Oral Pleasure. You can watch them all in less than an hour. 

1. Preparation

2.  Positioning

3. Performance

4. Products

5. Peak


"I thought it would be fun to go to Tiffany’s BJ party and that I’d learn a new trick or two but I was totally surprised. Tiffany taught us so much more in a very comfortable environment. She taught us about health and safety for both the man and the women. We learned about great toys and products that would make it all more enjoyable. We also learned that Tiffany works with people that have medical issues as well as couples sex therapy that has saved many relationships. There should be no embarrassment about, our bodies nor sex and we all need to take Tiffany’s advice and guidance. There’s no better way to get an introduction than her party. Thanks Tiffany! "



We believe pleasure should be for the receiver and the giver! If you have ever doubted yourself, felt self-conscious, or wanted to be better, now is the time to be your lover's personal porn star! 

Men Will Love You

Men love blow jobs. The top complaint that I hear from men is that when they commit to a relationship, oral sex wains. This course will teach you how to have men begging for more. 

Confidence is Key

How you approach this "job", will improve your confidence in the performance. Having the skills to back you up will provide everlasting pleasure for both of you. 

It's All About You

Our goal is for you to enjoy the act just as much as your partner. In this course, the lessons are designed to facilitate passionate fun for everyone involved. 

"I thought I knew all there was to know about Blow Jobs. Boy was I wrong! I learned so many little nuances I would have never thought about. This class was designed for me and my partner to both enjoy the experience."



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