What keeps you from having great sex?

I believe the limiting beliefs about our bodies and intimacy stay with us even when we grow up and know better. When we enjoy sex, the guilt comes because of the programming and conditioning of society, culture and family. Yes. Every society and culture experiences sexual shame and taboo. 

Deep down you know that there has to be more to life and especially your sexual life. Sometimes we don’t even know what is possible and accept the status quo because it is safe and comfortable. My students often say, ‘I thought I didn’t like sex. It turns out I didn’t like sex with my partner.’

I’m here to tell you that there is so much sexual pleasure to be experienced. When accessed fully, all areas of life improve! 

I know because my first relationship at 19 was with a narcissist. While I was in the relationship, I didn’t know how to communicate about what I wanted and my feelings. I lost myself, my confidence, the drive for life. When the relationship was over, I realized I never had an orgasm and realized this had a direct effect on my whole being. That’s when I embarked on a journey to find my sensual and powerful self. I learned the art of sexual pleasure and in the process embraced by body fully, becoming confident and have created a fulfilling life, without needing the external validation.

I made it my mission to educate and empower people, especially women, to own their sexuality. It is a proven fact that a deeper connection to body results in being more present, in making better decisions and setting firm boundaries.

I’m a founder and CEO of Entice Me, a resource for anyone who wants to tap into their sexual power to create a life they desire.

I hope that you enjoy my courses and luxury events so that you can fully live in your sexual power!