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Orally Speaking

Master radical oral confidence. Experience the deep satisfaction of owning your power, pleasing your partner, and feeling badass. Whet your whistle and learn to use your mouth, taking your oral skills from 'meh' to marvelous in this easy online course. It's all the inside secrets that you need to blow him away! 

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The Orgasm Experience

Your path to feeling sexy, powerful, erotic and fulfilled without outside influences. Learn the fine art of self-pleasure, the power of vaginal orgasms, and better communication. This 12-week privately lead online course will change your life. Yes, you can orgasm during intercourse and this program takes you there.

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Insane Sexual Confidence Retreat

As women, we often put ourselves last, however when we put ourselves first, we are better at all parts of life. Join the Sexinistas on an all-Inclusive luxury retreat on the beautiful island of Aruba. 4 days/4 nights of sensual self-care, to reconnect to your self and discover hidden confidence boosters. April 2021.

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