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"I am beginning to feel like having more sex again!"

Tiffany has helped me to look at my own sexuality and the sexual relationship I have with my husband in a different light. As a 54-year-old woman with the typical hormonal changes, stresses of work life balance, etc., I was struggling.

Tiffany has great insights and great ideas that I had not considered before. I love my husband so deeply and did not want to see the sexual aspect of our relationship deteriorate. I really want it to thrive not only today, but as we go into our golden years. I’m very excited about what the future holds!

I Guide You

Many people experience shame and embarrassment about sex. You may not even be aware of it, because it is in the subconscious, stemming from past experiences, religion, or family dynamics. When there is shame around sex (either during self-pleasure or partnered sex) there is some degree of blockage from true and absolute pleasure. 

The sexual core/sacral chakra is literally the base of life-force energy. Those who tap into this energy completely are happier, healthier, and experience less stress. 

I am committed to working with you, to create the most fulfilling, pleasurable and healthy sex life going forward. I help you feel more comfortable, confident, and give you the ability to communicate more completely and concisely. As your guide, I will help you master intimate knowledge to give you skills to take to the bedroom, to experience the most pleasure possible! It keeps your love life exciting. And it isn’t only in the bedroom; my clients find their lives improve out of the bedroom, as well, especially in the areas of confidence, self-worth, and money.

Almost everyone has blocks around sex. 70% of couples have problems with sex at some point in their relationships, and this leads to divorce in many cases. Take control of your sexual wellbeing before issues arise because divorce isn't fun for anyone and it isn't cheap either! 

Whether you are looking to improve your sex life, repair a relationship that has been damaged by infidelity or trust, learn new techniques and skills, keep it spicy, or have sexual concerns, I guide you to the life you desire. There is so much about sex that most of us were never taught. Sex has been a “hush, hush” subject and yet is one of the most important pillars of life. Sexual pleasure is your birthright and deserves to be discovered.

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We have a much healthier relationship after 27 years together. 

Every couple in a long term relationship should make the investment to work with Tiffany for personal growth both sexually as a couple and as an individual.

My husband and I learned how to reconnect and communicate our desires. Tiffany knows how to draw out and define the issues at hand. 


I am falling in love with myself again! 

As a 62 year-old, divorced woman in a body rife with emotional and physical scars (such as those residual from a loveless marriage and a double mastectomy) I am already benefitting from her guidance. 

Tiffany's wisdom, experience, compassion and high EQ (emotional intelligence) intuitively enabled her to assess my personalized path and teach me the process of falling back in love with myself - emotionally and physically. She has a true gift and I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Tiffany brings fresh air and an illumination to topics that we all want to know about, are expected to be good at, yet are never taught or talked about.

In a safe and playful manner, she manages to bring information together with intimacy. She's a joy to be around.

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How Does Coaching Work? 

My clients who are ready to dive in, experience quick changes in their lives. Coaching/mentoring provides specific activities for transformation that work in your life today and for your future. 

Together we develop a plan based on your unique and individual desires and goals. Assignments are an adjunct to the individual sessions and propel your progress. I take you through transformative processes to move you from where you currently are, to where you want to be. 

To begin with, I gather information about your past and use breakthrough techniques, such as EFT, to clear past thought patterns. The focus is to make your life more fulfilling now and going forward, forever.

My private coaching programs range from 3 months to 1 year. My clients have found that beginning with individual sessions does not provide the support and jump-start that they are looking for. Thus, individual sessions are only available to previous clients who need a refresh or to touchbase on a topic we have previously worked together on. I have many repeat clients who come back to learn more or to refine new skills and desires!

I have many repeat clients who come back to learn more or to refine new skills and desires!

If you want to experience more in your life, I am here for you. Sex and pleasure can always improve. I encourage you to not settle for the way things are, no matter how good they are at the moment. 

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Experience Monumental Change by Investing in Yourself

  • Laser-focused VIP Intensive Days to solve a major issue in a 1-Day Getaway Format
  • Coaching Packages of goal-oriented weekly sessions 
  • Luxury Retreats to explore life-changing possibilities in an amazing location
  • Online Courses on specific topics and techniques 

More About the Work I Do

My specialty is working with women and couples. Many women do not fully enjoy sex because they have not had consistently fantastic intimate experiences. This has lead to 40% of women preferring to go shopping over sex. 


Through my experience with Tiffany, I began to see sex in a healthier, more open, and more satisfying way.

Tiffany opens doors...heavyweight, sometimes stubborn, and very important doors. I have always tried to adapt and learn from the people I encounter in my life. Once in a while, through this process, I have encountered someone with an exceptional talent for people. Tiffany is one of these people.

My sex life was always important and good, but it turns out it was more of a "how can you know what you don't know" thing. Now, each time I have sex, it is like the first time I saw an HD picture, or maybe the first time I heard stereo, or tasted a homegrown tomato.

By letting her coach me, I became more enthusiastic and open minded about exploring new ideas. My sex has developed in every direction and came into focus I can only get better from here. This is a wonderful feeling. I had no aspirations to become a sex god or man of glorious notoriety, but what Tiffany did for me opened my world to grow and experience things in real time, with passion, love, meaning, and a tremendous and generous amount of pleasure.

Every person has a talent.  I think Tiffany has the talent of knowing, accepting, and guiding people...of knowing how to help them find their confidence, talents, and ultimately, their higher sexual self.

I would recommend listening to her. She knows what the heck she is saying.

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You are probably wondering...

A Sexinista is not a Sex Surrogate. Sex Surrogates work hands-on with their clients, with direct sexual activity, to achieve the goals.  Sex Surrogates often work with clients who are in need of physical and emotional intimacy.

As a Sexinista, I do not have sex with my clients. I also do not become physically, emotionally, or romantically involved. At times, I may watch and instruct clients, if this is necessary for the scope of work. This is can be done virtually, through video, but also may be done in a live situation. With women and men experiencing orgasm/sexual dysfunction, I may be asked to direct the client, in a teaching situation.

A Sexinista is not a Sex Therapist, but I often work in conjunction with clients who are in sex therapy. Therapy tends to work with the whys of past issues, while coaching works to shift the thoughts around past issues, current ideas, and situations, more as a mentor, for improved functionality and fulfillment.