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Intimate Possibilities Connecting Couples Retreat


Loreto, Mexico

October 6-11, 2023

Intimate Possibilities Couples Retreat

by Entice Me


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A Sensual All-Inclusive Getaway

  • 4 Day/ 5 Night Retreat at an Exclusive Luxury Beach-Front Villa 
  • Guided Couples Coaching Sessions to connect you in a new way
  • Facilitated Activities with Top Sex and Intimacy Experts
  • Workshops to Improve Communication, Connection, and Avoid Future Conflict
  • Human Design, Love Language, and Trust-Building Activities 
  • Delicious Curated Dinners from our Local Chefs to explore your senses
  • Relaxation, Sensuality, and Fun!
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"Every couple in a long term relationship should make the investment to work with Tiffany for personal growth both sexually as a couple and as an individual.
My husband and I learned how to reconnect and communicate our desires. Tiffany knows how to draw out and define the issues at hand. We have a much healthier relationship after 27 years together."

"Our lives changed by feeling confident not only in our sex life, but in our relationship, work life, and how we make money. It's all intertwined, and Tiffany helped me realize why and how to balance in a healthy, empowering way."

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Intimate Possibilities

$10,000 USD per Couple


  • Luxury transfers to and from our secluded retreat 

  • Private Suite at our luxury private beachfront villa

  • Sensual customized gifts

  • 3 locally sourced meals a day with beverages (including all alcohol)

  • Daily Happy Hours
  • Curated dining experiences from our Personal Chef and Sommelier to delight your senses

  •  Facilitated masterclasses and activities to build intimacy, sensuality, connection and communication

  • Laser coaching and intimate sexucation sessions to take your experience into the future

  • Luxurious couples massages
  • Trust building activities

  • Ample free time to relax 

  • Extra surprises 

A Sneak Peak


What's to Come

Arrival Day/VIP Reception

Day 1:  Facilitated Group Sessions, Free-time, Couples Massages, Awakening the Senses Dinner

Day 2:  Sexual Style Sessions, Coaching Corner, Couples Massages, Sensual Conversations Sessions and Dinner

Day 3: Champagne Brunch, His/Hers Workshops, Excursion

Day 4: Designing Your Pleasure

Day 5: Departure

The Team

Over 50 years of combined experience to lead your on your journey of self-exploration.

Tiffany Yelverton, Founder and Chief Sexinista® of Entice Me® and Sexy Survivors. Tiffany is a master of enticing others to experience soul-changing growth, personally and professionally, by embracing pleasure and connecting to their core sexual confidence.Combining her experience in corporate management and training, with her entrepreneurial spirit, Tiffany manifests transformation in ways most never dream possible. As an expert in sexual health and wellness, she embraces unconventional concepts which have enabled thousands of individuals and couples to bring new, unexpected joys and connections to life. 

Susie Clisson Susie is a native California girl.  As a woman business owner in a male dominated industry, Susie has learned to navigate many challenges that have given her the confidence it takes to be a leader in her community and in her personal life. Working her family business with her husband of 37 years while raising three happy successful adult children is what Susie considers to be her greatest achievement. As an avid student of Human Design and Desire Mapping, Susie has guides others to harmony through the design centers and core desired feelings to create lives meant to live.  

And Special Guests!

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"Through my experience with Tiffany, I began to see sex in a healthier, more open, and more satisfying way.  It is like the first time I saw an HD picture, or maybe the first time I heard stereo, or tasted a homegrown tomato.  By letting her coach me, I became more enthusiastic and open minded about exploring new ideas.  My sex has developed in every direction and came into focus I can only get better from here."

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