Ultimate Sensual Self-Love.

Ultimate Self-Care.

Ultimate Inspiration. 


 Ultimate Possibilities



June 20-24,  2024




"The women's retreat was absolutely amazing! When I first signed up, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was open to the possibilities. And so I tell you, it was just really life changing. My feminine mystique was renewed and I love not only liking the person that I see in the mirror, but actually loving the person. I see in the mirror flaws and all, and that's a wonderful feeling. I loved it so much I am coming back next year!"-- Patrece

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Imagine stepping into a luxurious getaway with like-minded women where there was absolutely no judgment. Where you were completely cared for, pampered, and surrounded by support to see yourself in different light. 

A location thousands of miles away from your everyday life demands and responsibilities, where you are able to focus on you, your passions, your pleasures. To find yourself… to love yourself… to experience more. 

Picture yourself taking over-deserved time ONLY for YOU. To disconnect from daily life and connect to who you really ARE… who you have always been.

What if you were given space to find her… the woman everyone else sees but you’ve allowed to become covered with all your responsibilities and duties. 

Doing everything for everyone else, except you. 

I see you. I will guide you.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

That is why I created Ultimate Possibilities. 

A luxurious, sensual island retreat with like-minded women to tap into fun, camaraderie, and pleasure on your own time-line. 

I know you are in there. That you want to come out. That you want to feel love for yourself, to feel passion, to feel more YOU. Come along with us.



"I am 1st and foremost a wife and mom. I have said that for so long. I feel like this is possibly the 1st time I have ever said I am 1st and foremost a WOMAN and a damn amazing one!!!! Thank you for letting me be part of this movement." - Marcia

What you will uncover at Ultimate Possibilities:

Ultimate Self-Love. Ultimate Self-Care. Ultimate Inspiration. 

Once you arrive in Aruba, you are whisked away to our private enclave where everything is taken care of for you… yes everything. No daily decisions to be made... well maybe only if you want to nap or jump in the ocean. 
Ultimate Possibilities is a small-group immersive, empowering pleasure experience for women who know there must be more to life. I guide you to uncover the power of self-love and learn how to connect to your senses to attract your deep desires. 
Ultimate Sensual Self-Love.
It begins from within. As a woman, when you are disconnected from your sexual core, it disrupts every other area of your life. You will learn to activate higher vibrations so that you are able to manifest your desires and reclaim love for your beautiful body. Yes, the body that you have now!
Ultimate Self-Care and Pampering.
You are the woman who spends your days and nights taking care of everyone else. At home, at work, with friends. You deserve a break from your routine, to escape life’s demands, so that you can be the best you, for yourself and others. 
Relax. Recharge. Rejuvenate. We pamper you in our spectacular accommodations on one of the world's most beautiful islands. 
Ultimate Inspiration and Energetic Transformation.  
You will never want to leave. Our container creates positive vibes that you have never experienced before. It will change you. How you see yourself, your body, and other women. A more sensual you. The world needs this. You need this. 
The magic will be in your heart forever. With a clear plan and support for the future so that you never lose yourself again. You will return to everyday life with confidence that is unwavering. As a woman who feels passionate, clear, and fulfilled.



"Experiencing the soulful beauty of the Ultimate Possibilities Retreat has empowered me in ways I didn’t know existed.

I came home enlightened and excited to live life more fully.”


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Absolutely is included once you arrive in Aruba

  • Transfers to and from our secluded retreat location from Queen Beatrix Airport

  • 4 Nights Accommodations in an private ocean-view suite at a Luxury Retreat Villa on one of the world's most beautiful beaches

  • VIP Welcome Reception

  • Pleasure-filled Gifts

  • 3 locally sourced, delicious meals a day including Curated Dining Experiences from a Private Chef to delight your senses

  • Free-flowing alcohol and beverages
  • Sexy Empowering Photo Session¬† complete with makeup application

  • Facilitated empowerment activities to build confidence, trust and sensual self¬†

  • Personal Pleasure Time

  • Ample free time to relax and explore

  • Sensual Treats throughout the experience¬†


 Enjoy secluded intimate time!




Bring a friend or meet a new one!






This small group, all-inclusive island retreat is facilitated and produced by Tiffany Yelverton and Entice Me Soirees. Tiffany is the premier sensual pleasure mentor to high-achieving women.

Tiffany is a master at disarming sexual shame and normalizing conversations around sex and pleasure. Tiffany inspires women to love their bodies and experience the orgasms of their dreams to eradicate the gender pleasure gap. Tiffany entices individuals and couples to connect with themselves, at their sexual core, to feel sexier in and out of the bedroom.

Tiffany has an innate gift of seeing deep the hidden gifts in women and coaxing them out and into fruition in the real world. Women who have worked with her not only see themselves in a new light, those around them are inspired by how they show up and exude confidence. You will too! 

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