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The Problem is That 80% of Women Do Not Orgasm During Sex



I am here to tell you, "YES, You Can Orgasm During Sex!"

It isn't your fault that you don't climax.

And nothing is wrong with you!

80% of women don't orgasm from penetrative sex alone and 11% of women have NEVER had an orgasm. So whether you are the orgasm queen or you don't regularly orgasm, or never have, this is for you!



The Orgasm Experience

The most comprehensive, systematic program designed to inspire body confidence, tone vital intimate muscles, embrace personal pleasure, and guide you to MIND BLOWING ORGASMS.


*Yes, every woman is physically able to achieve orgasmic bliss. And sex does not have to involve another person, so dump that excuse right now!

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The Orgasm Experience is the only step-by-step program that not only explains female orgasm, it inspires confidence, and TEACHES you everything you need to know to get out of your head, put your insecurities aside and enjoy pleasure. You are guided through EXACTLY how to encourage your muscles to respond and deliver whole body climaxes — and how to get what you want in the bedroom and beyond. 

By the end of this program

you will have learned to :

Embody your inner seductress by locating secret, hidden pleasure points that all women possess

✔ Embrace your body and fall in love with yourself

✔ Master the muscles necessary for vaginal orgasms upon penetration

✔ Elicit self-pleasure finding the keys to your kingdom

✔ Trust your body and relax into the sensations of touch

✔ Turn off your mind and to focus on enjoyment

✔ Experience bliss without climax

✔ Discover comfort and contentment with yourself

✔ Access elusive “spots” often dismissed as myths

✔ Learn about Arousal and Orgasm Gaps

✔ Facilitate techniques for prolonged and multiple orgasms

✔ Communicate your needs and desires to a partner

"I would like everyone to know why The Orgasm Experience is different to other online courses. Tiffany's course explores the whole vagina on how to make penetration more pleasurable for more fulfilling orgasms. I have seen other courses where the focus is on the clitoris and the vagina is seen irrelevant, just useful for reproduction and little else. This makes me feel sad because so much pleasure is being ignored and overlooked. Tiffany's course helps me awaken my whole sexual system."


Body. Mind. Vulva.

This intimate eCourse is designed to lead women like you through the journey to learn about your body so you can put yourself first and enjoy ecstasy like never before! 

It is possible to experience deep internal orgasms whenever and wherever you want, with or without a partner. Your body is capable of intense, satisfying orgasms like you have never felt before, you just need to learn how to access this power!

Radical Self-Care

This course will guide you through intimate exercises that are necessary for your body to produce spontaneous orgasms upon penetration.

*There is no nudity or performance of any of the activities and exercises in front of others

I created this exclusive system because on my own sexual journey, I was introduced to a way to experience such extreme pleasure that I needed to share it with the world. This isn’t something I was taught this in school, by my mom, by my friends, or in Cosmo. It is something every woman deserves to know about. I have distilled over 20 years of knowledge and experience to create this systematic approach designed for you. I came upon name The Orgasm Experience, because it really is that, a whole experience. It is a system to take you from never (or rarely) having an orgasm during penetrative sex, to having them virtually every time (even multiples.) This journey isn’t just about locating a spot in your vagina and having an intense orgasm. It is about connecting with your body and soul so that you can access parts of you that you didn’t know existed. Body. Mind. and Vulva.


"Tiffany did a great job explaining and educating women about their bodies in a comfortable setting."

Angelica S.
Previous Participant


Receive special bonus, The Orgasm Goldmine.

What's Inside The Orgasm Experience

You are getting the inside scoop and step-by-step instruction on how to go from zero orgasms to experiencing riveting, body-shaking orgasms every time, whether alone or with a partner. Not clitoral orgasms, but the elusive internal (vaginal) orgasm. Before you invest any time, money, and energy, I want to be very clear that this course is for women who are ready to experience profound sexual pleasure. This elation is ignited from exploring your body like never before- in function, response, and connection. Included in this 12-week online Bootcamp, are easy to digest video modules, guided audio activities, daily exercises, and the sexual wellness products and support you need. It is time to challenge yourself and go beyond your comfort zone. You deserve it.

Module 1

Female Anatomy of Orgasms

Defining Climax and Types of Orgasms

Internal and External Anatomy

The Keys of Self-Pleasure

 The Truth About Kegels

Module 2

Viewing Your Body in New Light 

Embracing Your Body = Self-Love

Deep Breathing and Exploration 

Locating Core Muscle Groups

Beginning the Journey

Module 3

The Sensations of Touch

Finding Time For Yourself

Setting the Mood

Trusting Your Body

Focus and Mindfulness

Module 4

Experiencing Bliss 

Muscle Memory

Taking Time

Feeling Inside Yourself

Continuing to Expand Conditioning

Module 5

The Products We Use

Avoiding Toxins

Experiencing Joy Alone 

Bulking Up


Module 6

Everyone Has a G-Spot

The G-Spot and Ejaculation

Where to Find the Spot

Adding a HauteToy

Trying it Out

Module 7

Patterns and Gaps

Measuring Arousal

Arousal Differences

The Orgasm Gap

Faking It

Module 8

The Motion in the Ocean

The Power of Movement

Reaching a Plateau

Extending Pleasure

Come Again

Module 9

Breathing with Your Lady Bits

Engaging the Core

Breathing Through Chakras

Feeling the Flow of Breath 


Module 10

The Top Secret Spot

Accessing a Hidden Treasure

Spontaneous Eruption

Holy Shitzle! 


Module 11

Grab a Partner

Position Matters

It's Not About Size

Communicating Needs & Desires 

Keeping it Hot

Module 12

An Orgasm a Day

Putting the Pieces Together

Continuing The Journey

Turn the Tables

What's Next?

"I haven't even finished the course and already my orgasms are stronger! Before, my orgasms were somewhat of a distraction when something was inserted, now it is much easier to orgasm. And my play partner enjoys the flexes when he is inside of me."


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Join the Orgasm Revolution! Women who orgasm 3x/week look 5-7 years younger!  

Still thinking about it?

Let me say this.

The Orgasm Experience is the most comprehensive, step-by-step system for women who are COMMITTED to experiencing more out of life through body confidence, personal sexual power, and off- the-hook pleasure. 

If you feel drawn to this, it is the universe giving you a nudge. It is time to silence the negative voices and say YES to your pleasure potential.

I guarantee that if you correctly complete all of the activities in 12 weeks, and you still have not experienced an orgasm, I will personally lead you through the course and additional activities until you experience success. 

Give yourself permission, and trust that the pleasure possibility is infinite. More love of yourself.

Sure, there is a learning curve and many years of "stuff" that could be holding you back. But recognize how life-changing it can truly be to hold the power of your orgasmic satisfaction. And that’s why you’re willing to empower yourself TODAY to step up and take the reins of your own sexual gratification.

You 100% deserve pleasure, without a doubt, you are worth it! 


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The Orgasm Experience

The most comprehensive program for getting more pleasure in your life!